As a business owner in today’s marketplace, you understand the importance of social media. Essentially, social media takes the traditional “word of mouth” strategy and amplifying it. It’s an easy and inexpensive platform to give you a wide reach and an immediate way to connect with your customers. But it’s not as easy as simply signing up for these social media accounts. You must work at them and nurture them in order to engage your followers and create new customers. One of the best social media platforms out there today is Instagram. In many cases, potential customers might check your Instagram before going to your website.
Here are some best practice tips to improve engagement on your Instagram page and reach your business goals:

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it”

Make Sure the Photography is Up to Par. 

Instagram is a visual platform, which means users expect to see stunning images and engaging photos. Although when the platform first gained popularity, many people utilized filters to change the image, today’s Instagram feed should use filters sparingly. Ensure that your images are crisp and detailed and that any product you are promoting is visible and not obscured in any way.

Follow Back

One of the best forms of outreach to new, potential customers is through following them. By following local influencers, prominent people in your community and by following your customers back, you are creating a community of sorts and potential clients will appreciate it. However, watch out for shady tactics like following and unfollowing and then re-following to get attention. This tactic looks desperate and is often annoying for users on Instagram to deal with. By following customers and creating an Instagram community around your business, you are also encouraging customers to post about your business and tag you in the post, giving you further exposure and credibility online.

Post Often – But Not Too Often

Posting regularly is another excellent way to encourage engagement on your page. If your last Instagram post was in 2015, what incentive do people have to follow you or like your posts? Bear in mind that “Instagram is like a marketplace, no one comes to your store unless you are making a lot of noise.”

Post a variety of content over the course of a day. This could include product shots, business updates, fun videos, contests, or Boomerangs. However, don’t overload your follower’s feeds with posts. If you post several images at one time, you might trigger a negative reaction from the Instagram algorithm and end up not reaching the followers you want. Make sure you schedule your posts to go out throughout the day.

Another good tip is to save your Instagram feed for important updates and beautiful shots while leaving daily bursts and event coverage to the Instagram Stories. This stops your feed from getting cluttered while also updating clients and improving engagement on the page.

Make it Simple

Customers are always looking for a simplified experience. In many cases, customers will comment on Instagram rather than picking up the phone to call your store or restaurant. Always answer comments promptly and provide your contact info on your profile. If you have an online store, link to it. If you’re a restaurant, provide a link to a page where customers can make a reservation.

One of the most interesting new features of Instagram is a shoppable option that allows businesses to make their posts shoppable. For example, let’s say you own a clothing boutique; you can post a picture of a local influencer wearing a new outfit and tag the outfit so clients can click directly on the photo and be taken to space to purchase the same thing. Simplicity is key when it comes to engaging your customers on Instagram.
Want to learn more about getting high engagement and reaching new customers on Instagram? Contact Tag Marketing today and speak with our innovative team about the latest and greatest social media tactics you should be using.

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